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Thomas Physical Therapy

Thomas Physical Therapy

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About Us

At Thomas Center for Physical Therapy, we realize that most people come to us only when they're hurting in one way or another. And we're okay with that. Because once you're here we can begin the journey back to you. To whatever feeling great means to you. Maybe you run marathons, or maybe you just have marathon days at work. We want to know what you consider a victory at the end of the day. And then we want to help you get there as quickly as possible. WHY WE ARE DIFFERENT: One on One treatment sessions in Private Treatment Rooms with the doctor at all times. We do not pass you off to an Aide or Assistant. We offer thorough evaluation and treatment with emphasis on education on how to manage your condition independently. Convenient hours of operation to work around your busy schedule. Friendly stress-reduced environment where you are treated by your physical therapist each visit. Frequency and duration of your visits are based on you and your situation. We don't prescribe programs. We design solutions. We don't just want you to feel better. We want you to heal better!
We offer Deep Tissue Laser Therapy, DNA Vibe Light Therapy, Micro Point Stimulation, Touch Bionics, Ultrasound. We Can Help You With: Osteoporosis, Balance Disorder, Vertigo, Back & Neck Pain, Shoulder & Elbow Pain, Hip, Knee & Foot Pain, TMJ Dysfunction, Post-Surgical Care, Orthopedic Conditions, Sports Medicine, Scar Tissue, Lymphoedema, Headaches & Migraines, Neurological Conditions such as TBI, Stroke, Parkinson's, Post Mastectomy, Peripheral Neuropathy, Pelvic Floor& more.

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